Why Do Carpenter Bees Chase Me? Reasons Why Carpenter Bees Attack

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Have you ever been chased by a carpenter bee? If you have, then you know it’s anything but pleasant. But have you ever thought about why it went after you in the first place?

Below are simple explanations that might shine a light on your recent bee attack. The three reasons we’ve cited will hopefully answer the question – Why do carpenter bees chase me?Why Do Carpenter Bees Chase Me? Reasons Why Carpenter Bees Attack

Carpenter bees will hover over you for various reasons. CC Image courtesy of Matthew Field on Wikipedia

Males do most of the chasing

The most notorious chasers aren’t the overprotective mother bees, the ones trying to make sure that no intruder will harm their nest. Ironically, it’s their stingless male counterparts that do almost all of the chasing.

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Male carpenter bees are famous for being aggressive pursuers, even if they lack the necessary body part to sting their enemies. According to Penn State’s College of Agricultural Science, these bees will go after insects that come near their nest. They’ll fly towards them and try to scare them away.

As for humans, the male bee would most likely show the same bravado as it often does with insects that are hundreds, if not, thousands of times smaller than us. So they’re known to chase people out of their territory, causing panic over fear of getting stung.

You’re wearing too much perfume

Another reason that might explain why a carpenter bee is chasing you is your scent.

Even though we have our own natural scent, we humans love to wear sweet, strong and even floral aromas that can attract insects.

For bees, smelling is part of surviving. They use pheromones to communicate and to find food. Recognizing scents is part of their everyday lives. So perfumes, scented hair sprays, tonics, lotions, hair products, deodorants, soaps and other heavily scented products can attract bees to you. So when it comes down to it, it’s not surprising that these insects would mistake us for flowers since we would often smell the part.

You’re wearing the wrong color

Wear yellow

If you’re not in its territory and if you’re not wearing a strong scent, then you must be wearing the wrong color.

Aside from depending on their olfactory system, bees also need their eyes to survive. And their eyes are unlike that of a human’s. It’s much more powerful in various ways. According to Bee Culture, their eyes can see ultraviolet lights and can detect color 5 times faster than ours. They can also do this while flying at very high speeds. That’s like being able to identify a single flower by the roadside while you’re inside a running car.

So when does the color of your clothes come into play? Well, wearing bright colors like yellow and orange can potentially cause carpenter bees to chase you since you’d most likely resemble a flower. Also, bees don’t see the color red. Wearing that hue is the same as wearing black for them. And they associate black to a predator’s fur like bears and skunks.

If you really want something that’s generally “bee neutral”, wear white. The lack of color doesn’t agitate bees, and it’s easy to ignore. There’s a reason why beekeepers often wear it.

So if you’ve asked “ Why do carpenter bees chase me? ” a couple of times, you might have committed those felonies above. Try following our tips and you might not run into these bees anymore.

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