When Bed Bugs Bite, Do They Die? A Closer Look at How Bed Bugs Bite

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Bees die after they sting, but bed bugs have a very different story. So when you ask yourself these questions: When bed bugs bite, do they die? What do they do after sucking blood? The answer may surprise you.

These little insects are hardier than they look. They don’t die easily, especially if feeding is involved. In fact, they’re difficult to kill.

So if seeing a few bites and bugs has not convinced you to take the necessary steps to get rid of these insects, then these facts might just change your mind.

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Bed bugs have a lot of feeding habits. One of which is biting a skin area multiple times. CC Image courtesy of the British Pest Control Association on Flickr

How Bed Bugs Actually Bite You

Bed bugs have a very unique behavior when they bite. They do a lot of things before and after they suck out blood, but dying isn’t one of them.

Here’s what bed bugs really do when they feed.

Bed Bugs Mostly Feed at Night

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Most bed bug species are nocturnal. That includes the species that feeds on humans. They usually don’t bite you when it’s light out. They prefer the dark, and they like it better when we’re sleeping. That’s why you often wake up with bites rather than have them some time during the day.

Bed Bugs Follow a Bite Pattern

Bed bugs don’t just bite once. They follow a “breakfast-lunch-dinner” pattern.

This means that they suck blood for at least three times. They bite you following a series of shorter bursts rather than a single long one. These cluster of bites have been known as breakfast, lunch and dinner as they’re done one after the other. To enumerate, the first bite is breakfast, the second is lunch and the third, dinner.

And if do you see one big bump somewhere in your body, it’s mostly likely little bites merging together as your skin swells.

Bed Bugs are Efficient

Ever wonder why you almost never catch a bed bug biting you?

According to Terminix, that’s because they have anesthetics and anticoagulants in their saliva. You won’t feel a thing when they do bite you, and your blood won’t clot. Their tiny straw mouths are sharp enough to cut through your skin like a hot knife through butter. So they can just insert them without you noticing.

Bed bugs can do all that for as long as 10 minutes. And you won’t ever know until you wake up in the morning.

Also, these bugs don’t linger around. Once they’re done feeding, they immediately scurry off. They go back to where they’ve been hiding from to digest the blood they just consumed. There, they can lay eggs and mate in silence and in secrecy.

Here’s a closer look at how bed bugs bite. This video from BBC Worldwide shows us how a bed bug draws out blood from its victim.

When bed bugs bite, do they die? The obvious answer would be no. They don’t die. In fact, it takes a lot for these little insects to die. That’s why so many homeowners have invested on treatments, remedies and professional help just to get rid of them.

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