Roaches in Car – How to Get Rid of Roaches Inside Your Vehicle

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When you type “ roaches in car ”, you’d probably think that you won’t get any good results, since you feel that it’s a rare and isolated case. But surprisingly, roaches being spotted inside cars isn’t anything new. It’s a common problem with easy solutions.

Roaches in Car – How to Get Rid of Roaches Inside Your Vehicle

Houses aren’t the only places that roaches can invade. They can live in your car too. CC Image courtesy of Rich Moffitt on Flickr

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Why Your Car Gets Roaches

So what causes these bugs to include automobiles in their infestation list? Well obviously, the main culprit would be eating inside our cars. We can’t help it, especially if kids are involved. Burgers, fries, burritos, juice and sodas from drive-throughs and convenient stores are only some of the simple and easy ways to alleviate hunger and cravings.

But unfortunately, these food items leave crumbs, residues, empty cans and wrappers inside the car. These can attract unwanted attention from pesky roaches, especially the ones that are small enough to thrive inside a vehicle.

Cleaning the car isn’t a daily chore for many homeowners, and it usually takes several hours or even days to simply dispose of the garbage inside. This leaves these roaches enough of an opening to salvage what they can eat from the mess you just left.

And the second cause for car infestations? An infested house. That’s right. Houses that already have a lot of roaches usually cause cars to be invaded by these insects. They can hitchhike their way in from baskets and the things that you put in the car, or they can just climb in while the vehicle is parked in the garage, with its windows and trunk wide opened.

How to Get Rid of Roaches Inside Your Car

So if you’ve found roaches inside your vehicle. Don’t fret. Usually, there aren’t a lot of roaches in infestations like this. That’s because food and space inside a vehicle are scarce. This makes the situation easier to handle.

With that, below are great methods you can use to exterminate roaches inside your car.

Clean your car

dirty car

First, you have to thoroughly clean your vehicle. Remove anything that’s removable, the mats, rugs, pictures, papers, cushions and decorative items – anything. Vacuum the interior a few times. You can wash the things that you removed if they’re washable.

Then, go for several days without putting the mat back in. This one is important. Don’t give the roaches any chance to go back to their usual hiding places. Only put the mats back in when you’re sure that there are no more roaches living in your car.

Use baits

Select a roach treatment that will not damage your car. This is where baits come in. Roach baits kill their targets without doing anything to your vehicle’s interior. The active ingredients inside the baits can spread, so they can be passed from one cockroach to another. You can get rid of an entire population with just a few baits. Here’s a list of the best ones in the market.

Use glue traps

You can use glue traps or adhesive traps, but they should be used wisely. Do not put them inside your vehicle when it’s always being used. Keep a list of places where you put them, so you won’t forget to remove all of them after they’re spent.

To make glue traps more effective, bait roaches with food. Place the food in the middle of the trap, and replace it when needed.

These traps aren’t as effective as baits, but they can still be used in minor infestations.

Stop eating inside your car

And finally, they say that prevention is better than a cure. We mentioned earlier that the number one cause for car infestations is eating inside your car. So if you can help it, don’t let anyone eat inside your vehicle. Look for picnic tables, benches, cafes and restaurants instead of eating inside.

This may sound like such a hassle, but what you’re after are the long term effects. You’ll also have less headaches in dealing with pesky roaches. And you’ll also have time for more important things in your life instead of spending an entire weekend constantly typing “ roaches in car ” in Google and trying out tips and treatments.

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