Pet Safe Ant Sprays – DIY Solutions And Which Products Are Best

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Ants can be an incredibly annoying problem for a home that has pets. While these tiny bugs may seem as just a minor inconvenience, they can make a home look messy as well as  trigger allergic reactions for vulnerable members of the family. And that includes dogs, cats and other pets. So how do you get rid of them without ruining your animal companions’ health? Are there effective pet safe ant sprays out there that can help you solve this problem?

You’re in luck! We have plenty of those for you to try out. Check out these 6 DIY and commercial ant killers and repellents. You’ll most definitely find one that’ll work wonders for you.

Recipes and Products that Make Effective Pet Safe Ant Sprays

Pet safe ant sprays aren’t that difficult to come by. You can just use ingredients that are already in your house.

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DIY Sprays

The first part of this post is a list of natural or organic ways that can help you get rid of those ants. Here are three of the best recipes out there.

Natural dish soap + water

Ants are pretty easy to kill. Sometimes, it just takes a few drops of your favorite all natural dish soap and some water. Fill a spray bottle with water and mix in a generous amount of dish washing liquid. Shake the bottle to combine everything, and spray the mixture on the ants.

White or apple cider vinegar + water

The next recipe involves adding white or apple cider vinegar to water. The strong pungent odor of the vinegar has been observed by a lot of homeowners to keep the ants away, so it may also act as a temporary repellent. Just mix equal parts vinegar and water in the bottle. Re-apply the spray a few times a week.

Warning: Though not that common, apple cider or white vinegar may cause allergy symptoms for some sensitive pets. Remember to consult your vet before you use this spray.

Baking soda

Baking soda

Technically, it isn’t a spray, but the final entry in our naturals list is as effective of a repellent as any of the commercial products out there. Baking soda has a ton of uses in getting rid of pests. One of this is being an effective ingredient in pet safe ant sprays. Unlike the previous recipes, you have to use baking soda dry. Sprinkle the powder in ant infested areas. It acts as a repellent as it stops the tiny insects’ lines from forming.

Commercial Sprays

If you’re not sold on using natural ant sprays, there commercial ones that are specially formulated to be pet-safe. So you can use them even in places where your furry friends frequent without worrying about the consequences of affecting their health.

Orange Guard Home Pest Control

The first product in this list is the the Orange Guard Pest Control spray. It’s a 32 oz insecticide that’s made from orange peels, relying on d-Limonene as an active ingredient that can keep the ants away. It’s a broad range spray that has the rest of its components on the FDA GRAS list which makes them generally safe for constant use.

Orange Guard Pest Control is one of the pet safe ant sprays out there that also doubles as a repellent. It leaves a residue that lasts for a few days before reapplication is needed. It works against roaches and fleas as well.

Eco Defense Organic Home Pest

Ecod Defense is an organic pest control product that’s been formulated to kill and repel ants. It’s also effective against a wide variety of pests like spiders, roaches, stink bugs, mites, silverfish and even scorpions. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for houses that have more than one pest to kill. Additionally, it’s made from natural ingredients that’s been tested to be safe for children and pets.

EcoRaider Ant Killer

Lastly, we have the EcoRaider. It’s a popular non-toxic outdoor/ indoor spray that’s marketed to contain organically extracted and enhanced botanical insecticidal compounds, substances which are quite similar to the essential oils that we often use to kill all kinds of pests. However, it’s been tested to have minimum risk to children, birds, fish, dogs and cats.

EcoRaider leaves residual protection that’s able to last up to 4 weeks or longer, so you won’t have to re-apply it that often. It’s also able to kill mites and lice along with its original targets.

Pet safe ant sprays are a must because our furry companions are also members of our family. We need to protect them from chemical exposure that can ruin their health, especially if we aim for a pest-free home.

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