Mosquito Trap 101 – How To Build Your Own

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Mosquitoes are one of the most common pests, and also one of the most annoying.

When the female mosquito bites, she injects saliva into the skin where the blood has been taken. It may seem like these are just harmless bites, but some of the mosquitoes carry various illnesses that can be transmitted through the bites.

It is always best to keep yourself and your children protected when outside during the summer evenings. If you are experiencing an overwhelming number of mosquitoes in your yard or around the exterior of your home, you need to find an effective mosquito trap.

Some methods can be done yourself and some devices can be purchased online or in stores to help get rid of your mosquito problem.

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Homemade Mosquito Trap

If you are looking to make a DIY mosquito trap that will work, you will need a few items first.

1. Collect a two-liter bottle. Soda bottles can be purchased for around $1, so the expense will not be huge.

2. One cup of water

3. ¼ cup of brown sugar

4. One gram of yeast.

The instructions to put the mosquito trap together are basic, but you must follow them exactly to get the most out of your trap.

First you will need to cut the two-liter bottle in half. Boil the water and then mix the brown sugar into the boiling solution. Once it is cooled off, add it to the bottom half of the cut up bottle. Add the yeast directly to the water/sugar mix, but do not stir.

Place the top half of the cut up bottle, spout side down. You can fasten the bottle together with tape if you want, or just put them together tightly. Cover the bottle in black fabric, leaving only the spout uncovered.

Place this outside in your yard, preferably away from your deck or patio so the mosquitoes are not attracted to the place where you spend time outside. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the trap, you should change it out weekly. It is recommended that you build an entirely new trap every time, but that is up to your discretion.

Mosquito Trap

Store Bought Mosquito Trap

If you are planning to buy a mosquito trap, there are many things you will need to consider. Cost and effectiveness are key when looking to repel mosquitoes. You don’t want to spend a ton of money for a product that won’t have the desired effect promised.

A good product to try if your budget is $100 or less is the Terminix AllClear Mosquito Mister With Naturals.

This is battery powered and looks similar to a lantern that could be found out on the deck anyway. It works by sending out a mist with lemongrass oil that draws the mosquitoes inside and traps them. The solution is said to be 100% all natural, which means it is safe to have around young children and pets.

If your budget is on the smaller side, you can purchase various devices from the company, Thermacell. The products range from $25-$40, and vary in sizes. They work because they send out allethrin, a known mosquito repellent. The area it protects is said to be about 15 by 15, but it is recommended that you keep the area closer to 12 by 12. For a larger coverage area, you may need to step up to a more high end mosquito repellent/trap.

If you are able to spend a little more than $100, there are some high-tech mosquito traps on the market. Many of them use butane or carbon dioxide to lure the unsuspecting mosquitoes in. Once the mosquito has tracked the scent, fans suck the bugs in and kill them.  While they do work, the price of them is a huge turn-off for many consumers. If you do decide to invest in them, look for the well-known brands like SkeeterVac and Mosquito Magnet. The more expensive models are generally designed to cover a bigger area – like a large outdoor party. For a small party on your deck, going high-end on the mosquito trap probably isn’t necessary.

When using traps, you still need to be protecting yourself while outdoors. Keep in mind that you should wear light clothing because mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing. You should also be putting some sort of repellent on your skin. You can use natural oils to protect yourself, or DEET. DEET will be harsh on your clothing, so natural is the best way to go.

Mosquito traps are hit and miss. Some of them will work while others will crash and burn. The DIY option is the most cost effective, and one of the most reliable solutions. If you are going to buy a trap, make sure you read the reviews before purchasing the item.

If the reviews are not good, chances are the product does not do what it promises. Mosquitoes are a very real problem, and they need to be dealt with accordingly.

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