Tips on How to Kill Roaches Without Harming Pets

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A pet’s safety is one priority that we should keep in mind when we look for pest control options for our house.

After all, they’re part of the family.

But if you have a massive roach infestation in your hands, how do you keep them safe? What are some ways to kill roaches without harming pets?

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We’ve looked into the most common methods to get rid of roaches without compromising pets. And this is what we think about some treatments out there that claim to never put our furry friends in harm’s way.

Tips on How to Kill Roaches Without Harming Pets

Roaches are difficult to kill, but there are treatments out there that can get rid of them without doing anything to our pets. CC Image courtesy of Sputniktilt on Wikipedia

Pet Friendly Roach Baits

The first and arguably the best method to use in clearing out roaches in the house are commercial roach baits designed specifically to do no harm to our pets.

One particular pet friendly pest control brand is Combat. They’ve developed some of their products to be safe for our animals in the house. These are either through the use of smaller portions of bug control substances or through packages that make it virtually impossible to get to the toxin inside.

Pest baits lure roaches in with an attractant. Its active ingredient then slowly poisons them while it gets passed from one roach to another. Roaches eventually carry the poison back to their den and kill every roach in it.

Most homeowners use this treatment because of how it can wipe out an entire nest without doing anything rather than setting up the baits and cleaning up dead roaches. It may take a little while, but slowly you’ll see obvious results in a matter of days.

And although it’s unlikely that pets will get adverse reactions to Combat products, applying safety precautions is still a must. So we recommend watching this video from Combat Bugs. It contains tips on how to use their baits when animals are around.

Glass Jar Trap

If you have used jars hanging around the house, why not use them to kill pesky roaches?

Glass jars are very popular in the internet. They’re cheap and incredibly easy alternatives to poisonous fumes and other harmful pesticides.

All you have to do is clean a large empty jar (big jars work best for this trap). Fill it with water halfway. Place an attractant inside, and rub petroleum jelly on it’s rim.

The best part of this method is that you can put any attractant inside. You can drop a dollop of peanut butter, jelly, moist coffee and even pieces of greasy food scraps. So you can catch any type of roach regardless of its preferred diet. Just make sure that they have aromas strong enough to attract the roaches.

Diatomaceous Earth

Food-grade diatomaceous earth is available in most garden shops in the country. It’s a powdery substance that can kill roaches without harming pets. It’s made from naturally occurring sediment rocks that are actually the fossils of ancient diatoms.

Diatomaceous earth’s particles can cut through a cockroach’s tough exoskeleton and penetrate the soft moist tissue inside. From there, it absorbs all the moisture, eventually killing the insect.

Sprinkle the powder onto the places where roaches frequent. You can also use it behind kitchen cabinets or under the sink. Being labeled as food-grade, it’s safe for pets. So ingesting it won’t cause problems.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can cake it in your house. You should be careful and avoid putting too much of the powder because inhaling it directly can irritate your lungs. That goes for your pets too. It’s best to take precautions and sprinkle them in places where your pets won’t get to it.

Adhesive Traps

adhesive trap

Some homeowners use adhesive traps to kill roaches scurrying across the floor. And because it’s one of the least toxic solutions to control roach infestations, you might think that it’ll work like a charm even if you have cats and dogs around.

But think again. This method is only effective if you put it in the right place. You have to strategically and correctly position it in areas with more contact with roaches and less with pets.

Getting stuck in an adhesive trap is painful for your pet. The glue in those traps are so sticky; you’d need strong solvents to get them out. Pets may even need veterinary assistance to get out of these adhesives.

So if you’ve noticed, every method suggested in this post comes with warnings and tips to avoid emergency room scenarios with your pets. It just goes to show that pest control always carries some degree of danger for all the living inhabitants of a house.

The ultimate way to make Spot and the rest of the gang healthy and safe is to get them out of the house for a while because there’s really no perfect and surefire way to kill roaches without harming pets.

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