How To Kill Hornets Without Sprays – 5 Simple and Natural Hornet Solutions

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When you find hornets in the house, it’s just so easy getting a “hornets be gone” spray from the cupboards. Sure, they’re convenient and cheap. But have you ever thought of the consequences of using those? And even if you could drop them, is there really a way to kill hornets without sprays?

Well look no further because we’re counting down the ways you can get rid of hornets without needing to resort to commercial sprays.

How To Kill Hornets Without Sprays - 5 Simple and Natural Hornet Solutions

Hornets don’t die exclusively via commercial sprays. There are plenty of other ways to get rid of them using what’s already available in your house. CC Image courtesy of Pixabay and t-mizo on Flickr.

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Electric Tennis Racket Zapper

The Tennis Racket Zapper may be great when you’re dealing with mosquitoes, but you can also use it for minor hornet problems.

This handheld bug zapper combines the traditional bug zapper’s deadly use of electricity, a tennis racket’s mobility and the convenience of batteries. There’s even a safety button at the end of the racket to make sure that you’ll only be zapping the right things at the right time.

Just remember though, hornets can become very aggressive when you attack them first. Never approach these insects without wearing the appropriate suit.

Also, this method obviously doesn’t work for hornets hidden in their nest, or the entire nest for that matter. You’ll have to apply other treatments to get rid of those bugs.

Bowl and Boiling Water

For those hornets tucked away inside their nest, boiling water is one of the most convenient ways to kill them.

Boil about 2 liters of water, and place it in a container that’s easy to lift. Then ready it near the hornet nest. Then get a big stainless steel bowl, something that’s just a few inches bigger than the hornets’ nest.

When you’re all set, wear a protective suit and quickly cover the nest with the bowl, trapping all the bugs inside. Then slowly slip the hot water inside the bowl, making sure that your hands won’t get burned. This will decimate the nest and leave no survivors inside.

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Soapy Water

How do you kill hornets without sprays? With soap and water of course.

Water plus dish soap is probably the most popular hornet killer out there, and with good reason – it’s very effective.

Just combine 4 to 5 tablespoons of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle filled with water, and directly spray the mixture on the hornets.

Insects breathe through their exoskeleton, so any soap clinging to them will interfere with their breathing. Soap has also been said to dehydrate them. Whatever the case, spraying these bugs with this simple concoction is going to knock them dead, literally.

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Peppermint Oil Spray

peppermint oil

Okay. Technically, this is a spray. But it’s all-natural and less harmful than the usual ones sold in big department stores.

Peppermint is a natural killer when it comes to a lot of insects. It’s oftentimes used to repel ants as well as flies and mosquitoes.

To make this all-natural spray, here’s a quick tutorial from WikiHow.

You only need to do 2 things. First, combine 2 cups of water and 30 drops of peppermint essential oil inside a medium-sized spray bottle. And second, just spray the hornets with the mixture. The bugs will succumb to the peppermint’s effects and die.

Additionally, if you want your peppermint spray to be extra deadly, consider adding in 2 tablespoons of shampoo or dishwashing soap. The soap’s properties go hand-in-hand with the peppermint oil.

Bottle Trap

Our last tip is a passive hornet killer. While commercial traps may have toxins in them that can be dangerous to your family, this homemade contraption from WikiHow is 100% safe.

To make the trap, first, cut the neck off a 2-liter plastic bottle. Then turn the neck upside-down, with the cap taken off. So you’ll have a funnel that leads to the inside of the bottle.

Hold the two parts with some tape, and put a lure inside. It should be something that hornets like to eat. You can use sugar and water, meat, vinegar or soda. After that, grease the edges of the bottle’s lip to make sure that unsuspecting hornets entering the trap will slip and fall inside. Finally, hang the trap outside with a string.

With this bottle trap and the other easy methods we’ve mentioned, you can kill hornets without sprays. But don’t forget, they each have their own benefits and little setbacks. So to get the best results, combine these methods together. You can also use other treatments to make sure that your house will be hornet-free in no time.

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