How to Kill Spider Eggs and Spiderlings – 5 Natural Methods that Work

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If you have cobwebs in your house, then you definitely have tiny baby spiders to worry about. With these pests, spiders will have a greater chance of infesting more parts of your house in just a few weeks. So to help you deal with that, here’s our short guide on how to kill spider eggs and spiderlings.

How to Kill Spider Eggs and Spiderlings – 5 Natural Methods that Work

If you use the right tools, you can get rid of all the spider eggs in your house. CC Image courtesy of Judy Gallagher on Flickr

What do spider eggs and spiderlings look like?

Before you dive into how you can destroy them, you should first learn how to identify spider eggs and spiderlings. Spider eggs are very small. But even though they’re so minute, they’re relatively easy to spot because they all stay in one place, usually inside an egg sac or a clutch. Spiderlings, on the other hand, are just tiny young spiders. They hatch in massive numbers, and they come in pale colors, usually a lighter version of their parents’ hues.

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Going back to spider egg sacs, the colors of these things range from brown to gray to cream white. They’re made out of the spider mother’s web. Oftentimes, the web’s been spun around so much that the sac can appear opaque and thick. The sac’s also round, unlike a wrapped insect prey that typically looks shrunken and elongated.

How to Kill Spider Eggs and Spiderlings – 5 Natural Methods that Work

Egg sacs come in different shapes and colors. CC Image courtesy of Chuck Evans, Patrick0Moran, Olaf Leillinger and Ian Fieggen on Wikipedia

Each type of spider has its own kind of egg sac. Some look similar while others are unique to their species. Black widows have perfectly round egg sacs that have a fleshy color and sometimes tiny spikes around them. Meanwhile, daddy long-legs have egg clutches that look more like they’re a bunch of brown grapes.

American house spiders and black widows safeguard their egg sacs on their webs. They do this while they hide inside gaps, crevices and storage spaces, underneath woodpiles and on window sills and walls. In contrast, wolf spiders carry their white egg sacs wherever they go. They even mount their young on their back after the eggs hatch.

How to Kill Spider Eggs and Spiderlings

Now that you know what they look like, it’s time you know how to get rid of them. Here are five of the easiest and most natural ways to do it.

Suck them in with a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum is a powerful tool that can help you kill spider eggs and spiderlings. Just suck them in with your vacuum. Use a straight mouth since it works better with the webs. And don’t forget to secure the dust bag and throw it out immediately after you’ve sucked all the spiders in. You don’t want surviving spiderlings to escape the bag.

Pour boiling water on them

For minor infestations, lightly pour hot water on an egg sac. Nothing can survive boiling water, not even eggs that are protected by webs.

Use a fly swatter and a plastic bag

Plastic bag

For non-venomous spiders, you can simply swat it with a fly swatter and collect its egg sac using a plastic bag. Loosely cover one hand with a medium-sized bag. Using the same hand, slowly grab the egg sac. Clench the sac lightly and carefully to avoid squishing it and forcing the spiderlings out. Then slowly pull the plastic bag away using your free hand. Let go of the egg sac and tie the bag securely. Finally, dispose of it in a bin that’s at least a few feet away from your house. That way, any spider that’s able to squeeze its way through the bag won’t be able to go back into your home.

Kill them with essential oils

Of course, you can’t complete a list of spider killers without essential oils. Peppermint oil and lemon oil are two of the best repellents out there, but to make them lethal, you have to combine them with cedar oil and orange oil. Mix these aromatic oils together, and add water. Pour them into a spray bottle, and spray them on an egg sac. Remember that the more oils you use, the more potent the spray will be.

Spray them with bleach and water

It’s technically not “natural”, but it’s not a commercial pesticide either. One of the fastest ways to kill pests is using bleach. This household chemical is so toxic to insects and arachnids that it kills them in less than 5 minutes.

Spray spider eggs and spiderlings with a mixture of 1/2 bleach and 1/2 water. The spiderlings can move very fast, but their soft exoskeletons won’t be able to withstand the bleach. Just make sure that you, yourself, are wearing protective gear and clothing.

Finally, knowing how to kill spider eggs and spiderlings means combining this method with the ones we’ve mentioned earlier. A combination of removal methods makes pest control more effective. So don’t hesitate to experiment so that you’ll get something that works for both you and your house.

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