Does Lavender Repel Spiders? How to Use Lavender to Ward Off Spiders

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A lot of us know that lavender can be used to deter pests like fleas and spiders. But does it really work? Does lavender repel spiders? Or is it just another remedy that’s been sensationalized by the internet?

Does Lavender Repel Spiders? How to Use Lavender to Ward Off Spiders

A lot of homeowners use lavender to keep spiders out of their homes even though there’s no clear proof that it works.


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Is lavender effective against spiders?

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of studies that explain the plant’s influence on spiders. However, there are mentions of lavender oil in some researches, but they are more focused on insects rather than arachnids.

According to a short review on essential oil repellents from the International Journal of Drug Development and Research, lavender has had a bunch of studies that prove it could repel and even control infestations of common house flies and different species of mosquitoes, depending on the dosage. Arachnids have some anatomical similarities with insects, so it makes sense that these creatures may also get the same effects when they’re doused with lavender oil. But for now, that remains as a speculation. The most compelling proof we currently have are personal experiences and recommendations from homeowners who’ve used the oil to deter spiders from their houses. And there are enough of those testimonies to convince us that lavender might actually work.

How to Use Lavender Oil to Repel Spiders

Lavender oil

There are a lot of ways to use lavender against spiders. Here are three of the best ones:

Recipe No. 1

The easiest way to use this aromatic oil is to mix the following ingredients:

  • 5-8 drops of lavender oil
  • water

Place your mixture in a spray bottle, and spray it on spider infested areas. Direct contact with the contents of the spray may not kill the arachnids, but this method does a better job at repelling them anyway.

Recipe No. 2

This recipe is said to be more potent than the oil-water mixture. Here are the two ingredients that you’ll need.

  • lavender oil
  • carrier oil like sunflower oil, vegetable oil, olive oil or sesame oil

Mix the lavender oil and the carrier of your choice. You can use this combination oil as a topical repellent or a spray. Unlike using water, mixing the two oils together evenly disperses the lavender’s repelling properties throughout the entire concoction, making it more effective. However, this spray repellent won’t be as far-reaching as the water mixture for the simple fact that oil is more viscous than water.

Recipe No. 3

This last method is from SF Gate’s Home Guide. According to them, you have to combine several drops of essential oils with lavender oil to increase its repelling abilities. Specifically, this is the recipe that you need to use.

  • 5 drops of eucalyptus oil
  • 20 drops of lemon oil
  • 30 drops of orange oil
  • 10 drops of lavender oil
  • 1/2 cup of citrus castile soap
  • water

Combine all the essential oils inside a spray bottle. Add the citrus castile soap and enough water to fill the bottle. Then it’s just a matter of spraying the right places in your house.

So does lavender repel spiders? With this extremely potent spray, it can. Just remember that essential oils hold the all of a plant’s most powerful compounds in one concentrated from. You’ll be able to ward off spiders with it, but it’s far better to combine with other treatments to double your chances of getting a spider-free home.

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