Do Wasps Eat Mosquitoes? Insects and Animals That Feed on Mosquitoes

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If you’re looking for natural predators to combat mosquitoes, you might have thought of wasps. But do wasps eat mosquitoes? And if they don’t, what natural mosquito killers can help you get rid of these pesky bloodsucking monsters?

Do Wasps Eat Mosquitoes? Insects and Animals That Feed on Mosquitoes

Yellowjackets are tiny wasps. So are mosquitoes part of their diet?

Do wasps feed on mosquitoes?

What wasps eat depends greatly on their species. Hornets, for example, are large eusocial wasps that hunt other insects like beetles, worms, praying mantises and bees. But they can also be seen eating overripe fruits, honey, carrion and even human food like sodas and candy bars.

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Meanwhile yellowjackets are famous for being “meat eaters”. These bugs will still eat what hornets do, but they just love to feed on meat from larger animals. Yellowjackets enjoy this type of protein so much that they even hover over trashcans that have leftover raw meat in them.

Some wasps are parasitic. These particular wasps feed on insects from the moment they are born. The Aphidius nigripes, for example, lay their eggs inside caterpillars. And when the eggs hatch, the larvae eat their way out of the infected bug.

Wasps will also feast on nectar and honeydew. In fact, their consumption of these natural sugary treats makes them contributors to cross-pollination and the growth of many kinds of flowers.

So in general, wasps will eat almost anything. But this doesn’t mean that they’d pray on mosquitoes too. It’s probably because of their huge size advantage. Truthfully, mosquitoes might not be part of a wasp’s diet because they’re just too small for larger bugs to get a substantial meal from.

What are some animals that eat mosquitoes?


There are plenty of other animals that can feed on mosquitoes. Some of them can even be raised inside properties to help with growing mosquito problems.

  • ​Fish. One of the best ways to control mosquitoes is to set up a pond, and raise some fish. These aquatic helpers are known to eat mosquito larvae actively, so less and less adult mosquitoes will live in your property. To learn about the kind of fish you should raise, check out our post here.
  • Tadpoles. Keeping tadpoles in your pond also keeps the mosquito population in check. That’s because these predeveloped frogs have certain ways to eradicate whole groups of mosquito larvae in an area. If you want to know more about this natural method, go to this post here.
  • Birds. Some birds eat mosquitoes. You should focus on attracting swallows, waterfowl and purple martins since they’re the ones that feed on these bloodsucking bugs.
  • Bats. Bats are also known mosquito eaters. However, keeping them in a house may prove to be a challenge since you need special permission to raise them.
  • Other Predatory Insects. Damselflies, dragonflies, spiders and even other mosquitoes – all these insects are proven effective factors in bringing down mosquito populations. You just have to learn how to live with them by reading this post.

So to answer the question Do wasps eat mosquitoes? Unfortunately, the don’t. That’s probably because they have a huge range of food source to sustain them, so feeding on only one type of insect isn’t very appetizing nor is it practical.

But if you’re still keen on combating this disease-carrying pest, we recommend using predatory insects and some effective home remedies to help you.

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