Do Termites Bite People and Pets?

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Termites are small insects that can be helpful and harmful at the same time. They help in decomposing dead wood and recycling a rotten tree into new soil, which makes them important to the health of our forests.

Termites bite

While they play an essential role in nature, they are actually considered as pests by homeowners. These wood-eating creatures are known for destroying houses, but do they also harm those who live in there?

Do termites bite people?

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What about animals or pets living inside the house?

The answer is they can, but they don’t.

Termites can cause severe damage to homes, but they don’t tend to bite people or even animals.

Termite Colony

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This means you don’t have to worry about your family or pets receiving bites from these insects.

Soldier termites are capable of biting humans, but they would not do so unless they are handled or threatened. They often use their chewing skills only to eat delicious wood or to fight invading insects.

When Termites Bite

In case the uncommon happens, there is nothing to worry about, as the termites’ jaws are tiny that they would not even leave a mark if they bite.

It will be just like a mosquito bite or perhaps a very slight pinch. You will most likely not even feel anything unless they bite you in an area where your skin is quite thin.

The pain or irritation should be gone in a day or two and you do not have to worry about getting a disease or infection as there’s no record of this happening to anyone who was bitten by a termite. There can be a really slight burning as their jaws are coated with some kind of saliva that helps breakdown cellulose.

The saliva might cause minor pain or irritation, but it usually does not last long. In addition, you’ll probably get a small red spot, but it should fade away within a few days.

Even if people who are experiencing infestation do not have to be concerned about experiencing termite bites, implementing extermination methods and pest control immediately is a must in order to protect your home.

Natural Termite Control

If you do not want to use chemical solution in eliminating termites, there are several effective natural controls, which can aid you in getting rid of the pests easily.

  • Let the sun do the honor. Sunlight can actually kill termites that are exposed to it. Place the infested furniture outside where there is bright sunlight and let those insects burn to death.
  • Trap the termites with wet cardboard. This is one of the best ways to get rid of them naturally. Cardboards smell like wood as they contain cellulose that attracts these insects. Wet the cardboard for the smell to be more powerful and place it near the termite colony. When you see the insects eating the cellulose in the cardboard, get it and set it on fire.
  • Feed them to beneficial nematodes. Nematodes are parasitic worms that love to eat termites. If you are brave enough to make use of them for the sake of killing the insects, this method will be perfect for you. These worms are available in pesticide stores and online stores.
  • Use botanical treatment. Orange oil contains D limonene that is effective enough to kill insects on contact. You can apply it into the target area and see these colony pests get killed by this magical oil.

How to Avoid Termites

Getting rid of termites successfully does not mean they can’t get access to your home anymore. Before you even see another bunch of these insects causing harm to your home, make sure to take these steps on how to avoid them.

  • Remove any possible access. Wood to ground contact can be an access point for termites wanting to enter your home, so reduce wood to ground contact as much as possible by placing the wood siding, door/window frames and other wood items at least 6 inches above the ground.
  • Make sure to replace rotted woods, beams and panels immediately to prevent infestation.
  • Address moisture problems right away and repair any water leak in your roof, water pipes, bathroom, and sink area as they help termites flourish.

Protecting your home from termites can be time-consuming, and it may even require a lot of effort. But once all the work is done, you will feel how great it is to live in a house that is absolutely termite-free.


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