Do Ants Like Dog Food? How to Stop Ants from Eating Your Dog’s Meals

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Why do ants keep attacking your pet’s bowl? Do ants like dog food?

Yes, absolutely!

Ants will eat just about anything. And your puppy’s food is no exemption. They can attack your pet’s dinner especially if it’s left there on the floor, uneaten and cold.

Do Ants Like Dog Food

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Ants can make your pet’s dinner a constant food source. CC Image courtesy of  D.J. to the Z on Flickr

So what can you do to remedy this? Here are a few things to help you keep your pet’s feeding time ant-free.

Why are ants attracted to dog food?

dog food ants

Obviously, dog food is something that other animals, including insects can eat. Though they may look less appetizing for humans, ants can take nutrients from them just as how they can take in nutrients from leftover food in the trash.

However, the main reason why your pet’s dish keeps getting ants is that these insects have a keen sense of smell. Ants can smell from meters away. So when it’s feeding time for your pups, they can join in in just a few moments.

Ants can also mark your dog’s feeding corner with their scent trails. These will lead the rest of the foraging workers to get into your dog’s bowl to fish out kibble for their nest. A recent scientific claim even talks about ants being able to remember where food is regularly found. So it’s possible that the ants in your house know where and when feeding time is.

How to stop ants from invading you pet’s meals

To keep your pup’s food clean and to protect them from being bitten or stung, here are some countermeasures you can make:

Make a moat

Just like medieval castles, build a moat around your pet’s bowl. You can do this by placing the food bowl inside a slightly wider pan that’s filled with shallow water.

Your dogs won’t mind this minor interruption, but ants will. They don’t last long in water. They’ll drown before even reaching the bowl.

Don’t forget to keep the moat water clean. Replace it regularly in case your dog becomes thirsty and decides to lap a few drops.

Buy ant-proof dog bowls

If you want something that’s made exactly to keep ants out, buy ant-proof dishes. There are plenty of these dog bowls in the market today. Just choose the right one for your pet’s size.

Click here to see what an anti-ant dog bowl looks like.​

Keep the feeding area clean

Put the dog bowls on surfaces that you can clean easily. Keep them in places where you can just vacuum or wipe off crumbs and all other food debris.

Cleaning the feeding spot with a mop and soap can also disrupt ant scent trails, keeping them from coming back.

Collect uneaten food

If your pet has had his fill, get the extras and put them in an airtight container. Don’t leave them inside the bowl for ants to find.

You can also freeze extra food for future use.

Clean the bowl

And finally, this one’s quite obvious. But many of us get away with not cleaning our pet’s bowls. After every meal, you should take the time to wash, dry and store the bowl in a place where ants can’t get to it.

So even our dog’s dinners aren’t safe from pesky ants. They may not present grave health risks for our pups, but they can bite or sting them. The best thing that you can do for your pets is to clean up for them.

After all, cleanliness is one of the most inexpensive and effect methods to drive away ants.

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