Where Do Head Lice Come From?

where do lice come from

According to recent government statistics produced by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, between 6 and 12 million school-age children contract head lice infestations every single year. And that’s just in the U.S.! But where do head lice come from? Head-to-head contact Most of the time, head lice are spread from one person …

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What Do Lice Eggs Look Like?

lice eggs look like

Head lice are minute parasitic insects that live on the human scalp. Lice feed by biting the scalp of their host and feeding on the unfortunate person’s blood. Nits are the common name for the eggs of the head louse, and it’s nits that we’re going to discuss in detail in this article. If you …

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Does Lysol Kill Lice?

lysol kill lice

A question people often ask during a lice outbreak is, “Does Lysol Kill Lice?” Let’s find out! What is Lysol? According to the manufacturer, Lysol is a disinfectant spray that is formulated to eliminate 99.9% of common household bacteria and viruses. Lysol ready-to-use disinfectant spray is designed to be used on hard and soft surfaces …

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What Do Head Lice Look Like?

head lice look like

It’s estimated that between six and 12 million kids under the age of 11 are infested with head lice every year in the U.S. alone. Head lice infestations are not limited to children, but the majority of people who are affected by the parasites are youngsters. A lice infestation involves adult lice, nymphs (juvenile lice), …

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