Can Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothes? Why Long Clothing Doesn’t Work

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Bed bugs bites are menacing. They’re itchy and more than uncomfortable if there are a lot of them. However, a lot of suggestions in the internet say that if you wear clothes that are long enough, you can stop the bites from ever happening. So is this true? Can bed bugs bite through clothes?

We’re going to answer this question, and we’re also going to discuss the underlying effects of this temporary solution. How good of a solution is it to just change your clothes when you sleep at night? Here’s what you need to know.

can bed bugs bite through clothes

There are many kinds of clothes. Most of them provide some protection from bed bugs.

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Bed bugs can’t bite through most clothes

Wool, polyester, cotton – these are what our clothes are made of. Lucky for us, bed bugs can’t bite through them. In fact, bed bugs can’t bite through most clothes.

A bed bug doesn’t have the mouthparts to cut through both clothes and skin. If it needs to get to your blood vessels, it needs to just strike bare skin because its straw-like mouth just isn’t long enough to puncture so many layers at once.

But they can bite through certain fabric

bed bug on fabric

We said MOST clothes. So it stands to reason that there are clothes out there that are actually bed bug friendly. And if you know how fashion works, there are.

It may be unlikely, but there are kinds of fabric that don’t stand a chance against bed bugs. Obviously, we have mesh, sheer and other extremely flimsy and thin fabric. These are made into clothes that have high value in design and appearance, but they absolutely do nothing when it comes to protecting you from anything.

So if you’re wearing them while sleeping (who does anyway?), you might as well sleep in the nude because they evidently won’t do anything to defend you from bed bugs, or any kind of bug for that matter.

They can also climb under your clothes

So Can bed bugs bite through clothes? With most shirts and pants, no. However, you shouldn’t get your hopes up too soon. Wearing long clothing when sleeping doesn’t stop these pesky insects from attacking you.

They can crawl into your clothes’ openings and scurry inside. Bed bugs can crawl underneath what you wear no matter how long it is. This makes your situation even more complicated as they can still bite you multiple times inside.

You can also take them along with you throughout your day because they can cling to your clothes. This means that they can access your skin any time, without ever being noticed.

So the best course of action when dealing with bed bugs is to eradicate the source. What you need is to destroy their hiding places in your house, and to do a thorough cleaning and decluttering. You can try several home remedies or you can bring in professionals to get the job done for you.

All in all, can bed bugs bite through clothes? Mostly, no. But you can’t prevent bites just by changing what you wear. The bottom line is that your clothes are not a solution in solving your bed bug problem.

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