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Head lice have an annoying habit of coming back, even after you think you’ve wiped them out. But recurrent lice infestations can be prevented, by simply using a louse comb.

Combing lice and nits is the most crucial step in your battle against these persistent parasites. According to some research carried out by the British Medical Journal, a nit comb used in conjunction with a good lice shampoo is the only sure-fire way to get rid of head lice for good.

With so many lice combs on offer, how do you know you’re making the right choice? In this Buyer’s Guide, we review five of the best lice combs on the market today to help you pick one that you can be confident will work.

We’ve included a helpful guide on how to use your lice comb so you can be sure your fight against the dreaded head louse is a winning one!

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Best Lice Comb

Lice comb

Here are five of the best lice combs that are available on To read full details of each product, click on the link. Once you’re happy with your choice, click-to-buy, and kiss goodbye to lice and nits for good!

Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb

This nit comb is made from rust-resistant stainless steel so that you can disinfect the comb after use. The comb has grooved teeth that dislodge nits easily and smoothly without pulling on the hair.

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What we like:

  • The comb’s teeth have rounded ends, preventing injury to the scalp.
  • The comb can be sterilized and reused.
  • The stainless steel comb is rust-resistant.
  • The comb’s teeth have spiral grooves to dislodge nits easily.

What we don’t like:

  • Although the comb is designed to prevent scratching of the scalp, the grooves can rip out strands of hair, which can be a problem when treating small children.


Lice Lifters Nit Removal Comb

The Lice Lifters nit comb is made from micro-grooved steel that is highly effective in removing nits from even the finest hair. You can also use the comb effectively on thick and curly hair. The comb can be used on dry hair, as well as wet hair.

Lice Lifters Nit & Lice Removal Micro-Grooved Professional Steel Comb
  • CONVENIENT: Matches any treatment perfectly; goes underneath every egg, lice, and nit to remove them; helps prevent future infestation
  • EFFECTIVE: Helix-spiral designed tempered steel teeth provide efficient elimination; comfortable and easy to use ergonomic handle
  • HEALTH PROMOTER: Can be used by the whole family, without any harm to health or skin; no hair length restrictions

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What we like:

  • The comb can be sterilized in boiling water, so you can reuse it.
  • The comb’s teeth have spiraled grooves, making it super-effective at removing nits.

What we don’t like:

  • Although you can use the comb on thick, curly hair, it will pull out individual strands of hair if you try to rush the job.


V-Comb – Electric Head Lice Comb

The V-Comb vacuum lice comb is a clever device that captures the lice hygienically in a container. The comb works like a regular nit comb but has the added advantage of a powerful vacuum action that removes live lice and dislodged nits without you having to handle them.

The comb’s teeth are slightly wider-spaced than those of regular nit combs, making this comb ideal for use on very thick hair. To see how the V-comb works, check out this video from the maker.

V-Comb - FDA Registered Allergy and Chemical Free Head Lice Treatment - Electric Head Lice Comb - Out Performs Other Head Lice Combs and Lice Shampoo - Removes Lice and Eggs
  • CHEMICAL FREE AND PESTICIDE FREE, Natural lice treatment for the whole family. The V-Comb is a natural lice comb and FDA registered device, which instantly vacuums head lice and eggs (nits) INCLUDING...
  • EASY TO USE: ALL LICE AND EGGS CAPTURED IN THE DISPOSABLE CAPTURE FILTER, which allows secure and eek-free disposable. 4 Capture filters come in the box!
  • BEST LICE COMB FOR YOUR FAMILY. From early lice detection to regular check ups for head lice, The V-Comb is the most technologically advance natural lice comb on the market

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What we like:

  • The lice capture feature means that you won’t have to touch the live lice and removes the risk of you getting lice in your own hair while treating someone else.
  • The product comes with a money-back guarantee.

What we don’t like:

  • Although very effective, the vacuum lice comb is more expensive than traditional lice combs.
  • There’s a risk that the vacuum system will break under heavy use.


The LiceMeister® Comb

The LiceMeister comb has grooved metal teeth that are very effective at removing nits. The comb can be boiled to sterilize it, meaning that you can use it over and over again if necessary.

LiceMeister Head Lice & Nit Removal Comb, 1 School-Approved Lice Comb, Stainless Steel, Cleaning Tool Included, No Shampoo/Pesticides Needed
  • THE GOLD STANDARD in combing tools
  • Safe, effective, no need for chemicals
  • Use for prevention of lice and nits

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What we like:

  • The comb’s teeth have rounded ends, making it gentle on the scalp.
  • You can sterilize the comb in boiling water without the risk of damaging it.
  • The sturdy steel tines won’t break, even when used on very thick hair.

What we don’t like:

  • The comb pulls out very thin or fine hair if it isn’t used correctly.


Fairy Tales Terminator Lice and Nit Comb

The Fairy Tales nit comb can be used on dry or damp hair and is gentle on the scalp, making it ideal for use on kids who object to having their hair washed before nit combing can begin. The comb’s teeth are close together, making it ideal for use on very fine hair. The teeth have spiraled grooves to eliminate nits.

Terminator metal Lice Comb
  • Proven 300 percent more effective than other nit combs
  • Long, metal teeth with microscopic edges in a tight spiral form
  • Stainless steel design with anti-slip bands

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What we like:

  • The comb is made from stainless steel, so it can be disinfected in hot water and reused.
  • The round-ended teeth are gentle on the scalp.
  • Spiraled grooves ensure excellent nit removal capability.

What we don’t like:

  • The spiraled grooves can pull out hair strands if not used carefully.
  • The color of the teeth can make it difficult to see if any nits have been removed.


What is a lice and nit comb?

A lice comb is a device that’s intended to be used with other treatments such as lice shampoo. However, if you don’t like the idea of using chemicals on your child’s scalp, a lice comb can be very effective when used alone.

A lice comb is a specially made comb that is designed to remove lice and nits by pulling them out of the hair.

Plastic versus metal lice combs

Lice combs can be made from plastic or metal. However, metal combs are far more effective than the cheap plastic ones that are typically supplied with some lice shampoos. Metal lice combs have stiff teeth (tines) with narrow slots or grooves that remove or crush nits.

Plastic combs tend to slip over the nits and are only suitable for combing through tangled hair before nit-combing with a metal comb. Also, plastic combs also tend to break if used on very thick hair.

If the person to be treated has long hair, a metal nit comb with long tines is the best choice. For shorter hair, choose a comb with short tines.

Vacuum lice combs have a suction device attached to a metal lice comb.

The vacuum sucks lice and nits from the hair as you comb and stores them in a capture filter. That reduces the chance of lice being transferred to your own hair during treatment. After use, you simply dispose of the filter safely and securely. The device has a built-in LED light that allows you to see what you’re doing without the need for an overhead light source.

The importance of grooves

When choosing a lice comb, make sure that it has grooves set into the tines. The grooves are crucial in dislodging stubborn nits from the hair closest to the scalp. Any nits that remain in the hair will hatch into nymphs, and the whole infestation will begin again.

How to use a lice comb

Now that you’ve chosen a lice comb, you’ll need to know how to use it to best effect. Here’s how:

When nit-combing, focus on the areas of the head that are favored by lice, typically at the back of the neck and behind the ears. These places provide the ideal environment for incubating nits, and it’s in these areas that you’ll find most of them.


Before you begin, you must bear in mind that a lice combing session is not a quick treatment! So, you’ll need to set at least two hours per session; this is not a job that can be rushed.

Position the person to be treated close to a sink. You’ll also need a bright light so that you can see what you’re doing.

Start by washing the hair to make it easier to brush through. Cover the person’s shoulders and back with a white towel. The towel is there to prevent lice from getting into the clothes. As the towel is white, you’ll be able to see any lice that drop onto it. Knock the lice into the sink and wash them down the drain with hot water.


Comb the hair through with a regular comb to remove any tangles and knots.

Now take your lice comb and begin to work through the hair. Nits are usually found very close to the scalp, usually within half an inch. Comb from the top downwards, getting the comb as close to the scalp as possible. Divide the hair into individual locks and systematically work through each lock until you’ve covered the whole head of hair.

As you finish combing each lock of hair, braid or move the treated portions to one side, securing them with a clip.

Each louse or nit that you discover on the comb should be removed by running the comb under hot water or wiping them away with a piece of paper towel.

Repeat and Complete

When you’ve finished, repeat the whole process to be sure that no lice or nits remain in the hair.

Finally, shampoo the hair and rinse it clean with warm water.

You’ll need to repeat the process over again for several days in a row to be sure that you’ve wiped out the infestation completely.

Questions and Answers

In this section, we answer questions that are often asked by people who are dealing with a head lice infestation. If you can’t find the information you want, send us an email, and we’ll try our best to get you what you need.

Q:        Can you get rid of head lice just by using a nit comb?

A:         If you don’t want to use a chemical shampoo on your child’s head, you can successfully remove lice and nits with a nit comb. Bear in mind that you’ll need to carry out the combing procedure described above twice a day every day for a week or so to be sure that all the lice have gone.

Q:        How can I disinfect a lice comb?

A:         Metal lice combs can be disinfected, so you can use them again if necessary. Soak the comb in very hot water (over 1300F) for five to ten minutes. Alternatively, place the comb in your dishwasher and run through one cycle.

Q:        How many times do I need to comb for lice?

A:         You’ll need to comb the hair with a nit comb at least twice daily. To eradicate the infestation, you must continue using the process for two weeks after nits and lice are no longer found when combing.

Q:        What’s the easiest way to remove dead nits?

A:         Nits (louse eggs) are glued to the hair with a very strong adhesive substance secreted by the female louse when she lays her eggs. Even after the nits have hatched, the cases are left stuck to the hair as it grows.

You can use a solution of three parts vinegar plus six parts water to get rid of nits. Leave the vinegar solution on the hair for at least 30 minutes. The vinegar acts to dissolve the glue, allowing you to remove nits and nit cases easily with a nit comb.

Q:        Can I have nits but no live lice?

A:         If you don’t see or feel any live adult lice in your hair, and the only nits you can see are over ¼-inch from your scalp, it’s likely that the infestation is old and the nits you can see are just empty cases. Don’t confuse nits with scurf, dandruff, or hairspray droplets!

Q:        Can I comb lice and nits out of dry hair?

A:         Yes, you can. Although nit-combing wet hair is more effective at removing nits and lice than combing dry hair, you can do it. The main issue with nit-combing dry hair is that there’s more risk of pulling out the hair, which could be an issue when treating sensitive children.


Wrapping it up

You can use a good quality, metal nit comb to get rid of nits and lice.

We especially like the Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb.

This best-selling product is a tried and tested design that’s made from washable stainless steel. The comb has close-fitted, grooved tines that efficiently dislodge nits without tugging on the hair or pulling it out. The teeth have rounded ends to avoid scratching the scalp. This comb is perfect for use on kids who have skin sensitivity issues and are resistant to the nit combing process.

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