The Best Ant Traps To Rid Your House of an Infestation

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Looking for the best ant traps? Trying to get rid of an infestation?

You’ve come to the right place.

Ant Baits are patient traps. They’re common ant treatments that kill ants by slowly poisoning them and their colony. Over the years, they’ve become effective weapons against ants.

But with all the products out there, some even promising so much more than what they’re actually capable of doing, it’s really hard to find the right trap.

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And if you do the trial-and-error method of finding the right one, it’ll take you weeks or even months to get it right – weeks and months that ants can use to grow colonies into apocalyptic proportions!

Well, don’t worry because we’ve rounded up the top best ant traps that you can buy from your local stores. So you won’t have to drag yourself testing out each one and waste time and money just to see which traps really work.

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Here are our top pick for the best ants traps:

  • Terro Ant Killer II Liquid Ant Baits are inexpensive and highly attractant baits that can deliver results in just 3 days. It comes with mess-free and convenient prefilled stations that are easy to set up. It’s great for both indoors and outdoors. However, you can’t set up the baits in hard-to-reach areas. The liquid inside the stations can also stain your carpets, tiles and rags.
  •  DuPont Advion Ant Gel Insecticide is an indoors-only bait that’s formulated to attract a wide variety of ants. Its syringe-type applicator enables it to reach wall cracks and in between furniture, making it possible to kill ants in tight spaces. But, it needs constant reapplication, and it can get messy if you don’t get creative in putting in a gel container.
  • Maxforce FC Ant Killer Bait Gel is known by a lot of exterminators partly because it can attract many ant species for up to 2 weeks. It’s an indoors-only bait that also has a syringe applicator. This bait can also get sloppy and sprout the gel at the backend if you’re not careful.
  • Advance 375a Select Granular Ant Bait can treat wide areas and can also be used for spot-treatments inside and outside your house. It’s best known to control Carpenter ants and other grease or protein loving ants. This bait also controls ant populations by halting egg production. However, the grains are messy and also toxic to pets.
  • Combat Source Kill Max A1 is another inexpensive bait that can attract other pests, not just ants. What makes this bait great is its mess-free, child-resistant and sturdy stations that can withstand abuse, not its ability to attract a wide variety of ants.

Reviews of The Best Ant Traps

Terro Ant Killer II Liquid Ant Baits

This ant bait is what’s really popular right now. It comes with 6 baits of 36 fl oz (about 10 grams) for less than $10.

It’s highly attractive to ants. It can attract a lot of ant species continuously, just until the liquid inside is gone. With this, it kills workers with Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate (borax) as early as 3 days.

But for us, the best thing about this bait is its highly functional bait station.

The product prides itself in being mess-free. The baits are ready-to-use. They come with small pre-filled patented plastic stations that make them extremely mobile, convenient to place in a lot of corners in your house. Meaning, you won’t have to dabble on applying anything in places where people and pets can get to them. And unlike other baits, you can use them for both indoors and outdoors.


The patented stations prevent the liquid bait from drying out. It also makes the setup ridiculously easy. All you have to do is snip one edge of the bait to create an opening for ants to enter and place it areas where ants are active. You have to be strategic about this though. Don’t expect ants to be attracted to it if it’s in a place that’s far from them.

Perhaps the only gripes that we have about this product is that the plastic stations don’t give you any option to put the bait in tinnier areas. You can’t have them inside wall cracks and holes. The liquid bait is also kept inside its station or container for a reason – it can stain tiles and carpets with a smudge that’s really hard to get off.

But other than those, we’re fully content with Terro’s creation. Here’s a short of list of the things that we like about it:

Things We Liked

  • Delivers results in just 3 days
  • Highly attractant
  • Mess-free
  • Has convenient and mobile stations that are easy to set up
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Very cheap

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can’t kill ants in tight spaces like between wall cracks and holes
  • Stains tiles and carpets

DuPont Advion Ant Gel Insecticide

Another excellent ant bait is from DuPont. It’s a gel that contains Indoxacarb, a non-repellent insecticide that’s specially made to attract all major ant species that seek moisture and sugar. Like other baits, it takes a couple of weeks to see the best results. It works for a long time, slowly killing colonies.

Using ant gel has its own benefits. Since it’s a cross between solid and liquid, it has the same benefits for both kinds of baits. It’s solid enough that it can be broken down in small particles that ants can carry home while liquid enough to be soft and digestible.

The ant gel is packaged inside a syringe applicator, so it’s fairly easy to use. All you have to do it squirt the bait gel in ant infested areas. And because of this, you can conveniently reach ants that dwell in really tight places like between furniture, inside wall cracks or holes.

The downside to this is that you can have a real mess to clean if you don’t use containers. And when the gel runs out, you have to squirt more bait. So a bit of maintenance and more tubes are needed to get rid of an infestation. You can’t just place the bait in one corner, and then leave it there forever.

You can also get creative with your traps. The bait doesn’t have its own container or station, so you can use a wide range of makeshift stations like cut-up plastic straws, bottle caps and small plates. For others, this can be a little inconvenient. But in our book and since we love DIYs, it’s not something we’d stress about.

And lastly, we don’t recommend using this bait outdoors. It’s strictly an indoor bait. If you want something that can get rid of ants outside, use this bait along with another kind of ant treatment.

And before we forget, this bait also attracts pets, more often cats. So shoot the gel somewhere where your pets can’t reach it.

Over all, the Advion Ant Gel can be an effective bait. Here are our final thoughts on it:

Things We Liked

  • Formulated to attract and kill lot of species of ants
  • Can reach ants in small tight places with its applicator
  • You can get creative with your baits

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can be very messy
  • Needs maintenance and reapplications when the gel dries
  • Indoors only

Maxforce FC Ant Killer Bait Gel

The next ant treatment is another gel bait. The best thing about this ant killer is that it’s the same stuff that a lot of professional exterminators use. It’s made from Fipronil, a widely effective insecticide that targets a bug’s nervous system. It can stay active up to 2 weeks without constant reapplications, eradicating a variety of ant species. Some of which are Argentine, Ghost, Honey, Odorous House, Pavement, and Little Black ants. There’s even a Maxforce bait made specially for picky carpenter ants.

Fipronil is commonly used as an active ingredient in antiparasitic products for pets. Ironically, the amount of Fipronil in this product is deadly to our furry friends. So take the necessary precautions in setting it up.

Like the Advion gel, this bait is inside a syringe, where you can lure ants that linger in hard-to-reach places. However, the Maxforce FC can get sloppy and messy. The gel can come out of at the back of its syringe when pushed. But you can fix this by wrapping it with a used towel or any cloth.

And like Advion, the bait is only for indoors. You won’t get any stellar results of you place this outside.

Things We Liked

  • Can attract ants up to 2 weeks
  • It’s what exterminators use
  • Can reach ants in small tight places with its applicator
  • Formulated to attract and kill lot of species of ants

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The syringe applicator can be sloppy and messy sometimes
  • Deadly to cats, dogs and other pets
  • Indoors only

Advance 375 A Select Granular Ant Bait

This is another bait that’s trusted in the industry. This bait formulation mixes foods and the delayed-action insecticide, Abamectin which reduces ant population and halt egg production inside a colony.

The bait is best suited for ants that feed on protein and grease. It’s also commonly used to control picky Carpenter ants.

The Advance 375 A bait is bigger than your typical bait. Since it’s granular (and not liquid), you’ll get 227 grams for $20 or less.

Granules are made to kill all kinds of insects. You can use them to spot-treat ant mounds and other areas in the house that need purging. It also covers a wider area. Because of this, granules are a better known treatment for outdoor ants. However, the Advance 375 A can be sprinkled inside your house as well.

Lastly, the drawbacks to this include: being messy upon application and being able to attract and endanger pets. The bait strongly smells like fish, or something a cat would eat. Keep in mind that it’s toxic, so it shouldn’t be anywhere near your pets.

So that’s it for the Advance 375a Select Granular Ant Bait. Here’s a quick summary of how it does in our review:

Things We Liked

  • Granular, covers a wide area and can be used for spot-treatments
  • Great for carpenter ants
  • Halts ant egg production
  • Big, a few grams for less than $20
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can be very messy
  • Formulated specially for protein or grease feeding ants species
  • Deadly to cats, dogs and other pets

Combat Source Kill Max A1

And finally, we have our fifth bait. Combat is specially formulated to contain Hydramethylnon and Fipronil, powerful insecticides that can kick in after an hour of consumption.

There are a lot of great things about this bait. First is that it’s also mess-free. Use it indoors or outdoors, with its own station, you can place it anywhere in the house without worrying spills and doing a lot of cleaning after using it.

Combat’s stations are also big and white. They’re easy to spot. That makes them less accident prone. They’re also wonderfully child-resistant and tough to break.

It’s already cheap with 6 baits for less than $10, but it’ll also save you money because it can treated like an all-in-one pest control product. And by all-in-one, we mean treating almost all kinds of insect pests in one bait station. So it can attract and kill roaches as well as ants.

As for its downsides, the bait works, but it might not be able to attract some species of ants. You can’t position it in tight places, and since the bait stations are sturdy, they’re also hard to break off. You’d have to cut them with a knife or scissor.

All in all, Combat Source Kill Max A1 is a fine ant treatment to have around the house. Here’s our assessment:

Things We Liked

  • Can attract a lot of pests, not just ants
  • Has mobile, child-resistant, sturdy, and more visible stations
  • Mess-free
  • Easy to set up
  • Very cheap

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can’t kill ants in tight spaces like between wall cracks and holes
  • Might not attract a wide variety of ants
  • Hard to break off individual bait stations

How to Choose the Right Ant Bait

So how do you choose which is the right one for you? Which bait would best benefit your house and your family?

Here are some practical tips to get you started on buying your ant baits:

  • Think about the attractant. This is a no-brainer, but pick baits that are very attractive to ants. In the baiting world, attraction is everything. After all, you can’t exterminate if you can’t lure them.
  • Pick the right bait for the job. Select the product that pairs most with your troubles. If you have ants inside wall cracks, it’s best to buy syringe-type baits. Whereas, if you’re dealing with kitchen ants, ones with stations are obviously what’s right for you.
  • Consider the kill time. How long does it take to kill ants? Consider how long it takes for a bait to kill the ant. Some ineffective baits kill right before the ant can reach its nest, rendering the whole operation futile.
  • Think about the speed. How fast does the bait work? Usually, you’d have to wait for 2 weeks before you can see noticeable results.
  • Examine how long a bait lasts. Baits that are completely gone means they’ve been consumed. That’s a good thing. It means that it has done its job attracting as many ants as possible.
  • Read reviews. You can settle for the best baits by reading reviews like this or in Amazon. Start with the most popular ones. Read their users’ stories. The popular ones are usually the products that get the job done.
  • Weigh in on how much it costs. Is it cost effective? How much money does it take to maintain a bait for 2 weeks? Remember that not all expensive baits are effective.
  • Visit forums. And if all else fails, try visiting forums and discussions on baits on the internet. It also doesn’t hurt to watch plenty of YouTube videos before deciding.

How to Use Baits

The best baits in the world won’t mean a thing if you don’t know how to use them. So here are steps you can take to get the most out of the baits you’re planning to use.

  • Remove all other food sources. Your bait won’t work if there’s food elsewhere. These food sources can be in garbage, exposed food in the kitchen, debris on the floor and dead insects in your yard.
  • It’s also best if you clean your house first before using the bait.
  • Don’t place baits in places where ants only occasionally go to. Make sure you put them in clear ant trails, so they can be lured easily.
  • Regularly check your baits. Emptied out stations and dry gels should be replaced.
  • Fresh baits work better than old ones.
  • If the ants stopped coming, move on to the next location. Don’t wait around. The ants must have relocated, or they may have all died off in the section of the house.
  • Baits work best when ants are actively foraging for food. For example, carpenter ants work during the night. So set up your baits before the sun dips.
  • Never use repellents near baits. Remember, you want to attract as much ants as possible.
  • Keep baits away from moisture. Some products lose their luster when they become wet.
  • Don’t place baits in high places. Ants won’t find them on top pf shelves.
  • Bait near an ant mound but never on top of it.
  • Use multiple baits in one area to boost your chances of getting rid of the infestation.
  • Keep them away from your pets even if they don’t require it. You can’t be too careful. Cats, in particular, a known to try these baits.
  • Keep kids away from baits.
  • And lastly, always read the directions printed in the product.


Overall, out of the 5 best ant traps today, our top choice would have to be the Terro Ant Killer II Liquid Ant Baits.

This ant trap isn’t hugely popular for no reason. What makes it so special is its highly attractant liquid bait and its incredibly convenient station. A lot of ant species are compelled to eat the bait while its housing literally just takes 1-2 steps to set up, snip and place.

It’s the right bait for virtually all kinds of ant infestations, and it delivers clear results as early as 3 days with thousands of happy costumer reviews on Amazon. Making it a product that’s clearly ahead of the game.

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