Are Mosquito Dunks Safe for Dogs? What You Should Know About Dunks

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Mosquito bits and dunks are made from a bacterium called Bacillus thiringiensis israelensis, a kind of naturally occurring soil microorganism that can kill mosquito larvae.

These products are famous for pest control, and they’re used in many homes. But when words like “bacteria” and “microorganisms” are involved, it makes a lot of us anxious. Are mosquito dunks safe for dogs? For all pets in general? Or are they similar to those products that carry hidden toxins?

Are Mosquito Dunks Safe for Dogs? What You Should Know About Dunks

Dogs have a tendency to drink water from anywhere. So owners should know if the dunks dissolved in water features are safe.

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Bits and dunks are generally safe for all animals

Since bites and dunks are specifically designed to only target mosquito larvae, Summit Chemical labels these products as a non-toxic and safe way to eradicate mosquitoes in your home. To back that up, the products have even been registered by the EPA as safe to use in animal watering channels and fish habitats. Therefore, dissolving these products is generally safe for pets, birds, aquatic life, humans and even plants.

Additionally, there hasn’t been any serious medical cases that blame bits and dunks and the water they’re dissolved into. They’re so safe in that state that Hunker even recommends putting these products into pools, just in case there are larvae in them.

Solid, non-dissolved dunks should be kept away

So dissolved dunks are safe. But what about the solid ones?

Even if it’s not really known, many people are cautious about bits and dunks when they’re not dissolved yet. This may be due to the idea that the products are more potent when their ingredients are concentrated into one solid form. So pets that will accidentally eat them might have to deal with stomach pains and nausea.

There’s also been advice to keep bits and dunks away from your eyes and from any open wound. This might be because some people are scared of having the Bti enter the body through those openings. Fortunately, if bits and dunks have been labeled as pool-safe, then this precautionary tale is most likely a myth.

How do you stop pets from eating dunks?

Top shelf

If you’re not sure about how safe dunks are, then being cautious is not really a bad idea. We can’t take the chances of our pets being exposed to Bti. So here are some ways that you can use mosquito bits and dunks without worrying about your dog and cats snacking on them.

  • ​Store them in a safe place. Of course, if you don’t want your pets to find out about them, keep them on the top shelf.
  • Use the right dosage. Dissolve the correct number of dunks or bits. Use the water’s volume to calculate how much it really needs. You have to use this guide to avoid having way too much Bti in one place.
  • Put up a temporary fence around the pond. It’s hard work. But if you want your kids and pets to be safe, it’s worth it.
  • Cover your pools. Reliable pool covers aren’t just for fall and winter, they can also prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the pool.
  • Don’t rely on bits and dunks too much. These products are effective. But don’t substitute them for good old fashion cleanups. After all, it’s a million times better to get rid of objects that keep stagnant water than having to put dunks on them every now and then.

In general, the answer to the question Are mosquito dunks safe for dogs? is simple. Since it’s been certified that bits and dunks are safe when they’re dissolved, you can put them in any water feature around the yard without keeping them away from your pets. And as for the solid dunks, it might not be so bad relying on hearsays about their toxicity. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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