Are Bed Bugs Deadly? The Real Reason Why Bed Bugs are Dangerous

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Maybe you’ve asked yourself before, are bed bugs deadly? Why should you get rid of them when they’re not as dangerous as mosquitoes or wasps?

Well, bed bugs may seem like harmless little insects. But to people who suffer from pre-existing medical conditions, they can actually kill.

Bed bugs can cause people to experience medical issues if you’re not careful. And here’s what you need to know.

are bed bugs deadly

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Bed bugs are annoying pests, but they can be deadly too. CC Image courtesy of AJC1 on Flickr

What do bed bug bites look like?

Before we head into how dangerous bed bugs are, let’s talk about their bites.

This bug’s most obvious source of “deadliness” is its bite. When it sucks blood, each person gets a different reaction. Some people develop welts. Some people develop small red bumps and hives. And some people don’t get experience anything at all.

Whatever the case, here are the most common reactions people have from bed bug bites according to the Mayo Clinic:

  • The bites are red, with a darker spot in the middle.
  • They’re itchy.
  • ​They’re arranged in a cluster or a rough line because of the bed bug’s feeding habits.
  • Lastly, the bites often appear in the face, neck, arms and hands.

Get a more detailed description of bed bug bites here.

Do bed bugs spread diseases?

One thing that we’re really sure of is that bed bugs DO NOT carry diseases. They’re different from mosquitoes and fleas that have a reputation of giving humans infectious illnesses.

This is because unlike mosquitoes and some other blood suckers, bed bugs don’t inject blood from another human during feeding time. They simply draw blood out without introducing fluids from another bite victim.

What can bed bug bites actually do?

So are bed bugs deadly? If they don’t carry diseases, how can bed bugs pose a threat to people?

Well normally, bed bug bites are ruled off from the ‘dangerous’ list. However, in rare cases, they can be sources of medical problems. Our skins can react from their bites. And sometimes, those reactions can be even be deadly.

Bed bugs cause skin reactions

bed bug bites

As mentioned before, a bed bug’s bite affects people in different ways. Some more severe than others. According to Pest Control Technology, these reactions include welts, itchy small red bumps and hives. Rashes that look like blisters can also show up after a few days of being bitten.

In less common cases, people, especially children, don’t hold themselves back when it comes to scratching the itchy bites. This excessive scratching can trigger a severely uncomfortable eczema or create open wounds that can cause a secondary skin infection.

With complications like these, you’ll need several weeks to heal as well as several trips to the doctor.

Bed bugs can cause severe allergic reactions

The deadliest thing that can happen to a person after a bite is a systemic allergic reaction. People severely allergic to bed bug bites can experience asthma, a breakout of hives all over their bodies and anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis is a condition that involves the entire body. When it happens, the body releases histamine and other substances that can cause the airways to tighten and some parts to swell up. With this, a victim can have respiratory arrest and even cardiac arrest. Without immediate medical treatment, he can die.

In general, are bed bugs deadly? In certain cases, they can be. For people who have allergies, the answer is grim. Bed bugs can be a nightmare that they have to deal with. And if you have a loved one with this condition, this post should be enough advice to convince you to seek out bed bug treatments now.

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