Ants Near the Toilet – How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom

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Did you just find ants near the toilet? No, that’s not your imagination.

As gross (and a little creepy) as it may look, they do linger in odd places for specific reasons. One of those reasons can even tell you how healthy you are! Find out more about this weird ant behavior and how you can stop it with our easy guide.

Ants near the toilet

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Your toilet and the fixtures around it can also be homes to a lot of ants.

Why are there ants near the toilet?

Ants just love moisture, and your bathroom has a lot of it. It’s a simple fact.

Some ants can migrate into inconspicuous places in your bathroom, into walls, under sinks and even near the toilet. That’s because these are where moisture is available. When you shower, for example, the bathroom becomes riddled with humidity, so it’s a really great place for ants to nest in.

And if you’re thinking why ants would stay in such a place that has no food, think again. Their foragers have been found to travel at least 13.5 meters from the nest. So, they can live inside a moisture rich place while still being able to get food from other parts of the house.

Do ants drink pee?

ants in the toilet

Yes, it does sound gross. But they do… in specific circumstances.

Ants near the toilet can mean that they’re interested in your urine. However weird that sounds, it’s true. And they don’t just drink any kind of pee either. They only touch the ones with high sugar content.

According to, this can be an indication of diabetes or high blood sugar. When blood sugar is high, the urine’s glucose level can become high as well. This attracts ants to your toilet.

But if you do get ants even if you exercise and only eat healthy food, chances are, you might be just fine. There’s a rare condition called benign glycosuria where your body expels sugar along with your urine. Don’t worry though. Aside from your ant-attracting pee, you’re completely normal. The condition doesn’t give out serious threatening effects.

How to get rid of ants in the bathroom

Ants can build a residence just about anywhere, but you can do something about it. Here are some easy ways to get rid of ants in the bathroom.

Get rid of stagnant water

One way to get moisture is freestanding water in your bathroom. Your tub and sink can accumulate water. Always drain them after using. And also, don’t forget to regularly check the drains themselves. Test for clogs and other defects. You also need to keep the bathroom floor dry with a washable rag or by any other means.

Fix plumbing issues

Stagnant water is also caused by dripping pipes and faucets. Ants can also drink directly from a leaking pipe.

Seal wall cracks

Ants can come from anywhere. They can even squeeze through wall cracks. So you need to seal them with caulk or with any other sealant.

Replace cracked or loose tiles

When tiles break or become loose, they create space at the bottom. Between the concrete and the porcelain or ceramic tile is a cool place, a good environment for ants to linger in.

Replace broken tiles immediately. Have a professional do this, or you can settle it yourself with a quick DIY.

Use ant baits and natural ant treatments

Take the ants head on. Use baits and natural treatments to get rid of ants near the toilet and in other areas in the bathroom. These treatments can range from store bought baits like Terro to natural methods with ingredients that can be found in your kitchen.

Dehumidify your bathroom

Crack open a window when you take a shower or install an exhaust fan in your bathroom. These will release all that steam when you take a shower. And they can also keep the bathroom dryer.

Find out more on how to reduce moisture in your house here.

Wash your bathroom mat regularly

Lastly, replace your bathroom mats weekly. Mats collect water, dirt and all kinds of bugs. So they can be ample places for ants visit.

Over-all, when you do find ants near the toilet, it’s best to look at your bathroom carefully. Does it have cracks? Is there a window to help dehumidify it? Are there broken tiles?

Inspecting a bathroom, as well as all other rooms in the house, is the first step to fighting ant infestations.

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