Ants Near the Sink – Tips on How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

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Your kitchen is the ant’s strike zone.

The different food kept in there are their main priority, and they don’t really care if they can just take home scraps or a plate full of spaghetti. So how do you get rid of ants near the sink?

Here are some practical tips that may chase your ant nightmares away.

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Ants Near the Sink – Tips on How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

Your sink is a magnet for ants because it keeps a lot of moisture.

Why are there ants near the sink?

Ants love moisture, so it’s only natural for them to gravitate towards places with water.

If your kitchen sink has wood components, some ants may chew through it to make their nests. Some ants also stay at the bottom of the sink because it’s both wet and cooler there.

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

ants near the washbasin

​Here are some practical tips to get rid of ants in the kitchen:

Spray Repellents​

Ants near the sink may disappear if you spray store-bought or homemade natural repellents. Spary the repellent on sink, the countertop, the fridge – basically, anywhere that ants can get to.

You can also protect your food by spraying natural repellents around it.

Keep your sink dry

It’s a sink! It shouldn’t even be dry!

But if you really do want your kitchen to be ant-free, you have to keep it dry when it’s not being used. Ants can take advantage of even the slightest drop of water.

So hang a towel near the sink to wipe it dry after every use. You should also fix leaking faucets and pipes to keep everything nice and dry.

Clean under the sink

Under the sink is a damp and cool place – perfect for ants to nest. Clean it regularly with detergent and other cleaning products to discourage ants from staying. You can also spray repellants there every now and then to keep them away for good.

Clean inside the sink

And while you’re at it, clean the garbage disposal unit. Ants near the sink can try to get to the leftover food stuck between the blades.

You can clean it by pouring hot water, vinegar and baking soda into the drain.

Seal wall cracks and holes in your window frames

Sinks are often near windows and walls. Windows can have broken frames while walls can have cracks. These are some of the main reasons why there are ants near your sink. They use the window frames and wall cracks as highways to get to there.

Seal every crack and gap with caulk or other strong sealants. You can also apply a protective varnish coating on your windows to keep them from harboring ants again.

Empty out the trash everyday

The trash is also one of the kitchen’s biggest ant magnet. The boxes of pizza from your dinner last night, for example, may still have residue in them can attract ants.

So empty your trash regularly. You can also wash trash before you throw them out. It sounds counterproductive, but it does erase food stains, leftovers and residues.

Use ant baits

Finally, use ant baits to get rid your ant problem. All you have to do is position them near your sink, and wait for the ants to eat them. Remember to keep them away from pets and children though, to avoid accidents.

So as you can see, your sink doesn’t have to be the ant zone in the house. Just follow these easy tips, and you can finally get rid of ants near your sink.

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